e ●than quicker commu

obal f●ree trade and e○conomy.European● countries li●ke Germany○, Italy and the N○etherlands 〓have their own s■tandards for securi●ty, which are〓 cert

ainly n◆ot like the Am○erican one which le●d to the loose ●licensing of■ Boeing 737 Max〓. In response t■o the U.S. pressu■re, many have○ made this clear ●and are expected not○ to exclude any bi■dder from t?/p>


鬶eir 5G projec◆ts for preju■dice, smear●, or groundl●ess doubts.For e■xample, carrier●s supporte●d by Huawei are r○olling out their 5G○ services ○in

Britain and ●Switzerland. F〓or them, choo■sing Huawei i●s but a ma●rket-oriented dec○ision based■ partly on lower cos●ts and a rel■iable longtime p●artnership. It is● a fact wort○h mentioning t〓hat Huawei ◆has been in coop○eration wi○th most of the

Using Hua?/h2>

魒ei 5G technol○ogy

◆major mobile operato○rs across E〓urope.The European■ attitude toward○s Huawei also rep●resents a 〓widening gap b●e

tween the two side○s of the Atlan●tic,

means more th●an q

with an open●ness to safe〓guarding mu●ltilateralism and〓 cooperati●on.This stands in st■ark contrast to the ◆U.S. un

ilateralism◆ and prote◆ctionism, an●d

uicker ●communicati

promises brigh◆ter economic■ prospects with● new business m■odels and other i〓nnovative i〓deas generated by ◆the quicker and adv●anced 5G network〓.Spain i

onComment■ary: Usin

s 〓not the fi◆rst in Europe to use● Huawei tech●nology, and is s〓urely not the last o○ne. Ple

ase ●scan the QR Code to〓 follow us on

g Huawe●i 5G techn?/h3>

Insta●gramPlease scan the● QR Code to〓 follow us on Wecha●tSpotlight: Vod●afone launches firs○t 5G network in Spa●in in cooperati◆on wi

餺logy means more ◆

th HuaweiSpotli○ght: Vodafone launc〓hes first 5G network◆ in Spain in coo〓peration with Huaw●eiSpotlight: V◆odafone la

un○ches first 5G● network in S●pain i

Collect from /

than quicke?/h2>
  • tio●n06-17-2019 0●9:11 BJTMA


    n coopera〓tion with Huawei〓06-16-2019 09:17 ◆BJTMADRI

    D, June◆ 15 -- In co●operation wi○th Chinese telecom g◆iant Huawei, Vo〓dafone Espana〓 on Saturday● rolled out the○ first commer●cial 5G mobil●e services in Spa◆in, making it one of● the firs

    t Eu■ropean countri〓es with the ○ultrafast mobi〓le network i■n Europe.Accord○ing to Vodafone Es●pana, the 5G m●obile network cov◆ers 15 major Sp●anish cities i◆ncluding M○adrid, Barcelona, V●alencia and S●eville. Around h○alf of the re

  • DR●ID, June 16 -- S〓upported


    sid◆ents in these cities○ will be a○ble to enjoy the

    c●utting-edge hi■gh-speed ne〓twork service, which● will be e■xpanded in th●e future.Wit◆h 5G mobile p◆hones, custo〓mers in Spain wi●ll experien■ce download s●peeds of up to 1Gbp○s at launch

    and up t●o 2Gbps by the 〓end of the ■year, which mea

    ns it● could be 10 times■ faster than that o◆f the 4G net〓work, said Voda■fone.The l◆ow latency net〓work will be fund○amental for some◆ key techno●logies such ■as autonomous dr■iving, teleme

  • by the Hua●wei technology, V


    dicin●e and virt◆ual reality in th●e future.The 5G■

    data packages and 〓smartphones are ●now availab●le on the websit〓e of Vodafone Espan○a and will be ava■ilable at its out◆lets on Monday○. However, staff f〓rom a Vodafone outl〓et in Madri■d sa

    id tha○t there were al◆ready many cust○omers consulting t■hem about 5G plan〓s, an indication of● great inte〓rest in the brand-ne○w services.Vod〓afone has th◆us become the fir■st operator to ●make 5G services◆ available○ to Spanis〓h cus

  • ○odafone Espana c○ommerciali


    tomers, a◆nd the 5G ○Vodafone Espana is◆ also the ●n

    etwork that○ covers the ○most cities in◆ Europe to date●.Two European coun◆tries, Britain and S■witzerland, have ●already rol○led out their fir●st 5G mobile serv●ices lately〓. Britain's EE an

    ◆d the Swiss car○rier Sunrise ha〓ve both been ◆equip

    ped with Hua●wei gear a■nd technology.Acco■rding to Huaw●ei Spain, the comp〓any has prepared a l●ot for the launch〓 and has cooperat○ed with Vodafo●ne as the cor○e equipment suppli〓er for the project. ■The two companies ha〓ve had close c

zed the f〓irs

t 5G mobil e se〓 rvices in Spain○ on Sat
urday.Th◆e ul
tra-fast a◆nd low-lat
e◆ncy 5G network is● t
he infrastruct■ure th
at can make a○ huge
differenc◆e. Abo
ut half ○of the p
opul●at ion in 1 5 maj○o r Spanis h cities


  • c●elona, Valencia a

    ○ooperation for mo◆re than 10 y◆ears.It is believ○ed that the laun●ch of 5G network ■in Spain

    will ◆promote th■e transnatio○nal operator Vod●afone to launch mo〓re 5G services i○n other

    countrie●s. The company■ wi

  • n●d Seville are ○i

    ll commerc●ialize 5G service〓s to users in seven ●cities in ●Britain from Jul■y 3 this year, an

    d t■he 5G roaming◆ coverage in Br○itain, Italy, and Ge〓rmany will ●be available ●this summ

    er.●The launch of Huawe●i-en

  • nitially involv○ed,

    gineered 5G n●etwork in S○pain came as th◆e United States h■as been pr■essuring its Europ◆ean

    allies t●o exclude ●Huawei fro■m their 5G ne■twork construction● on the ground〓less pretex

    t ◆of "security risk◆".Despi

  • which makes● the c

    te this, ○Spain, Ger●many, Britain and t○he Netherlands◆, have decided n●ot to bar Huawei● fro

    m participating ■in the building of t●heir 5G network. 〓Germany sa○id it already h■as a hig

    h stan〓dard for security re●

  • ountr●y among the ?/h3>

    garding 5G ●network, whil●e Spanish For●eign Minister Josep 〓Borrell declared〓 earlier in M〓ar

    ch that the re■lations with Hu■awei are very i●mportant for ●Spanish telecom c●ompanies and

    Spa○in has no prejudic◆e ag

  • irst that ■rolled

    ainst ●anyone.At t◆he end of Ma○y, Jin Yong,〓 chief exec●utive offic■er of Huawei■ Spain, sai

    d most of〓 Huawei's ◆partners in Spa〓in have decided ●to stand shoulder ●to shoulder○ with

    Huawei ■despite U.S. s●anct

  • out 5G se◆rvices i

    ions a■gainst the company, ○which will not im○pact on Huaw〓ei's 5G project 〓in Spain.Vodafone●

    CEO Nick Read war●ned in February in B○arcelona that bannin■g Huawei f●rom Europe's 5G ne●

    tworks would be ha●rmful for

  • n Europe.●Vodafone

    o○perators and○ consumers, and ●might delay its r〓ollout by "prob■ably two years".Acco●rding t

    o H●uawei, the● company has l○ong-term partnershi●ps with majo■r mobile carriers i〓n Spain

    and ar〓ound Europe〓."We wil

  • Esp〓ana's embracing

    l continu◆e to provide ●service to ■Spanish operat◆ors in their 5◆G projects. We 〓will also im

    pr○ove our servi●ce so as to inspire〓 and invite○ more small a■nd mid-sized 〓Spanish enter

    pri●ses to mak〓e contributio

  • of ○the Huawei 5G

    ns ●to 5G applicatio〓ns," said Jin■. Pleas●e scan the QR ●Code to follow u●s on Instagram

    Pl○ease scan t■he QR Code to fol●low us on WechatR○estrictions on ●Chinese firms coul■d dr

    ive up 5G costRe○strictions■

  • tech○nology means n

    on Chinese firms◆ could drive up〓 5G costRestrictio○ns on Chinese firms ◆could drive u●p 5G co

    st06-10■-2019 09:41 BJTEu◆rope would hav●e to pay an extra 5●5 billion ◆euros ($62 bil◆lio

    n) for 5G● networks a○nd suf

  • ot onl●y communicat

    fer an◆ 18-month tec●hnology delay if i〓t bans telecom equ◆ipment purchase◆s from top Chines○e

    manufacturer〓s, according ●to an industrial r◆eport.The ●report by the GSM ●Association, w

    ■hich represe○nts 750 mobile

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